Restore previous session when erroneously close Firefox

Hi all!

First post of this blog in English language: i need to improve it and writing posts in English may help.

I’ll do loads of mistakes for sure, so i hope that you still can find my posts useful 🙂

OK, let’s start with this “quick and dirty” for Firefox.

If you have lots of  opened tags in Firefox (5+ depending of your system), the new tab widget may be really close to (sorry for the pan) Firefox close button. So you could erroneously close Firefox and lose all your beloved tags…

Ok, i guess it depends on your setting, my Firefox is set to forget the opened tabs when i close it and reopen it. That’s because i usually don’t want them to be reloaded when i restart Firefox, and it’s really useful if you want to simply shut down your system without closing all your opened application (Firefox included).

So… what do you have to do when accidentally  close Firefox? Digging in the history could be the best way but there is a even better way: in the history menu there is a special item: “Restore Previous Session”, just click it and… ta-dah!!! you have all your tabs restored!

Useful, isn’t it?


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