New games for the good old commodore 64

I’m Italian, i’m trying to write posts in English the best i can in order to improve my skills with it, sorry for any typo you can find, i hope you can still find my posts useful, any suggestion/correction are really appreciated 😀

I love c64! It was my first computer (actually, a c128 eternally in c64 mode) and i’ve spent loads of hours playing with his amazing games!

I still play with it via emulator, and have fun discovering hidden gems that i’ve lost back in the days.

The good ‘news’ is that i’m not the only one, and that there’s still lots of developers heavily active producing great new games for the good old commie.

Don’t you believe me? so take a look at this list

31 new games last year, not so bad, isn’t it?

if you want to see other list just change the year value in the link above.

From the list let me point your attention to…


this is the c64 version of the flash games canabalt by Paul Koller aka Paulko64
you can grab the game here: c64anabalt

and, if you thing that the conversion is not so accurate, you can try this other one made by Andreas Varga aka Mr. SID 🙂

Mr. SID who? mmm, take a look at this other video 🙂

Prince of Persia

yeah! the good old Prince have never seen a release on the c64… till now!
It was a great work by Mr. SID and you can grab it here: canabalt unofficial

Hope you can enjoy it 😀

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