Gnome 3 you are doing it wrong: the close button

Hi all!
In the first release of the new Gnome 3 there was an interesting post of Allan Day  that explained why the classic 3 buttons configuration (minimize, maximize and close) in windows was antiquate.
In the post there was nothing against close button but now things seem to be changed.
The new guidelines for the “new generation gtk3/gnome3 applications” (still a draft) say “Your application’s primary windows should typically be maximized by default and their title bars hidden.
No more title bars? no more close button. So you need one more click to close a window:

first click on Web, than go down and click close (chiudi in the screenshoot)

So let’s examine this solution:

pro: you get less clutter and more space on a maximized windows (since you don’t have the title bar anymore)

cons: close button disappear, new user can’t find it. If you know how to close windows, you still need one additional click for such a common operation.

Please don’t underestimate the importance of one additional click

So here again: trying to give a better interaction to the user ends with force him to do extra tasks. Is it what we all want?

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